Psy201 R6 Research Plan

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A Research Plan

Part I – Research Problem

Think about something in psychology that you would be interesting in studying. You can select a topic from what you’ll be studying in this course or another topic that seems intriguing to you.

Respond to the following in 50-75 words:
Identify your research problem and describe it. What about this topic interests you? The research problem is what causes stress. I will discuss the cause and problems of stress on the body. I will discuss how stress can affect the body and how they correlate with each other. This topic interests me because many people will say I’m so stressed out. But why and how stress affects the outcome of a situation is still unknown. In this research I will attempt to discover some triggers and ways to relieve stress in a positive healthy manner. I wanted to understand how stress correlates to how the body interrupts being stressed out.

Part II – The Scientific Method

Consider the scientific method and complete the following table explaining each step of the scientific method in your own words. Please use complete sentences to write 25-50 words describing each step.

Formulate a testable hypothesis
I predict stress and health is related, in such a way that health decreases as stress increases. Select the research method and design the study
Carter, K & Seifert, C. M. (2013) Learn psychology. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. I will use the book as a guideline for research. I will also use the Internet, library, interview doctors and instructors. I will develop a stress survey to involve 16 participants including men, woman, and children.

Collect the data
I will measure the created survey by describing situations in the environmental and behavioral setting that can exhibit stress on the participants. Analyze the data and draw conclusions
I will compare the found research and discuss the results on the findings.

Answer the following questions in about 75-100 words each:

How would you use the scientific method in examining your research problem? Be sure to go over each step of the scientific method in your response. Formulate a testable hypothesis. For this study, I have to define my hypothesis as, “Are stress and health related, in such a way that health decreases as stress increases?” Hypothesis are statements about what will happen in any give situation; if my observations do not match my prediction, the hypothesis will be rejected. Step 2: Select the research method and design the study. - consider how to best test the question. There is no “best” research strategy; each design has its advantages and disadvantages. Who I available to participate I the study? Where should the study take place? How should the behaviors be measured? Psychological researchers test their hypothesis in ways that represent the real-world environment; their question, or hypothesis, has to have meaning, I am not a psychologist, so I will not be testing my hypothesis within a laboratory. In the report of the methods used in a study, information is given so that someone else can reproduce the same circumstances I did. For this reason, I have to be careful in conducting my study. Step 3: Collect the data- The researchers approached more than 100 people (men, women, and children) waiting until they would mind answering a few questions or taking a survey for a psychology study. Step 4: Analyze the data and draw conclusions. - The ratings provided by the participants were grouped by gender, age, adult and child. The ratings were analyzed using statistics to compare the ratings based on the time of day and night.

Which research methodology would you use to examine your research problem? Why? How is this...

References: Revised from Ch. 2 of
Carter, K & Seifert, C. M. (2013) Learn psychology. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
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