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Study and Review Guide to Accompany

Psychology In A ction
5th Edition
Karen Huffman / Palomar College Mark Vernoy / Palomar College Judith Vernoy

Study and Review Guide Prepared by:

Karen Huffman / Palomar College Richard Hosey / Palomar College

Study and Review Guide

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Study and Review Guide


Congratulations! Your decision to buy and use this study and review guide is an important step toward student success. It is carefully designed to help you learn the most important material in your textbook (in the shortest possible time), to improve your performance on quizzes and exams, and ultimately to help you achieve the highest grade possible in your first introduction to psychology course. This study and review guide is coordinated with your text, Psychology in Action (5th ed.), and is divided into seven major sections: Chapter Outlines, Learning Objectives, Key Terms, Active Learning Exercises, Chapter Overview, Self-Tests, and Answers. These seven sections are explained and identified throughout each chapter with the following boxes and icons:

OUTLINE (Survey & Question) This outline is intended to help you survey the chapter. As you read through the various sections, write down any questions or comments that come to mind in the space provided. This is a valuable part of active learning and the SQ4R method. It not only makes your reading time more enjoyable and active, but it also increases your retention and understanding of the material.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES (Read, Recite & wRite) While reading the chapter, stop periodically and recite (or repeat in your own words) the answers to the following learning objectives. It will also help your retention if you write your answer in the space provided. (Page numbers refer to the text Psychology in Action, 5th Ed.)

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Study and Review Guide

KEY TERMS (Review) The review step in the SQ4R method is very important to your performance on quizzes and exams. Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to define the following terms.

ACTIVE LEARNING EXERCISES (Recite) The recite step in the SQ4R method requires you to be an ACTIVE learner. By completing the following exercises, you will test and improve your mastery of the chapter material, which will also improve your performance on quizzes and exams. Answers to some exercises appear at the end of this study and review guide chapter.

CHAPTER OVERVIEW (Review) The following CHAPTER OVERVIEW provides a narrative overview of the main topics covered in the chapter. Like the Visual Summary found at the end of each chapter in the text, this narrative summary provides a final opportunity to review chapter material.

SELF-TESTS (Review & wRite) Completing the following SELF-TESTS will provide immediate feedback on how well you have mastered the material. In the fill-in exercises, write the appropriate word or words in the blank spaces. The matching exercise requires you to match the terms in one column to their correct...
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