PSY 322 Week 2

Topics: Marketing, Demographics, Advertising Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: December 4, 2014
To: CEO ToyLeen.
From: Marketing Research Division
Date: November , 2014
Subject: Winter and Spring Marketing Plan

Marketing research and analysis for our designer women’s clothing line indicates that change is necessary in our marketing strategy. Research shows significant concentration should be placed on two key demographic and psychographic areas. The key demographics that must be directly targeted are advertising aimed at capturing a specific age group and the location of advertisement based on population of our age group targeted. The key psychographics that were heavily researched were the buyer’s motive regarding demand and the interest involving our brand. After conducting research on the demographics and psychographics we found that our advertising methods were outdated and flawed and specifically were not focused on the proper grouping. The way we as a designer line market our products needs to be individually directed at each customer so that they as a customer feel we are directly speaking to them. In order to achieve our advertising goal a focused and unique advertising plan need to be applied to every aspect of our marketing strategy. Our products cross over every racial boundary, however, we developed an age-concentrated approach that must be functional for our product to effectively target our age audience. Age Advertising

The point of emphasis for our advertising campaign should be engaged and geared specially on age and the proper communication of our product line to aim at that age demographic. Today’s consumer market changes constantly and so should our marketing strategies. To adjust these strategies properly the age on the targeted consumer need to be taken into account. Female customers between the ages of 24-35 tend to shop online more. 14.55% of social media women say that make purchases based on recommendations from friends on social media or blog sites. For our young ladies line shopping malls should be ground zero for...
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