PSY 310 Complete Course Material ( A+Grade )

Topics: Psychology, Sigmund Freud, Scientific method Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: February 25, 2014
PSY 310 Complete Course Material ( A+Grade )
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The statement “know thy self” is attributed to the early Greek philosopher Socrates.   How does this statement serve as a seed for the development of psychology as a formal discipline some 2,400 years later? What does it mean to be empirical in the pursuit of knowledge?  How does this relate to the scientific method? PSY 310 Week 1 History of Psychology

PSY 310 Week 2 Assignment Women in Psychology
PSY 310 Week 2 DQs
What were the characteristics of the mental health reform movement?  Who were the identifiable leaders of this movement?  How did this movement impact modern-day psychology? What are some methods that were used to treat individuals who were presumably suffering from some form of mental illness prior to the Renaissance period?  What was the rationale behind these methods? PSY 310 Week 3 DQs

What are the major assumptions of psychoanalysis as formulated by Sigmund Freud? In the field of psychology, what is meant by the term catharsis? According to Joseph Bruer, what effect did catharsis have on the mental functioning of someone with a troubled mind? Why? PSY 310 Week 3 Team Theoretical Position

PSY 310 Week 4 DQs
What is logical positivism? How is legitimate science consistent with logical positivism? Explain your answer. What are the similarities between classical conditioning, as described by John B. Watson, and operant conditioning, as defined by B. F. Skinner? What are the differences? PSY 310 Week 4 Perspectives Paper

PSY 310 Week 5 DQs
In order to meet attendance requirements it is necessary for you to make two posts in any thread during week five.  
Who is Phineas Gage? What impact did he have on the realm of biological psychology? PSY 310 Week 5 Learning Team Final Presentation
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