Psy 308 Lab Assignment

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Module 1 Homework Assignment
PSY308: Social Psychology
Student’s Name
Aristotle Jimenez

Instructor’s Name
Carolyn Ward
18 November 2012


Homework Assignment 1
PSY 308: Social Psychology

Directions: Using Microsoft Word to save and submit your work, please complete the following homework assignment. Please include a title page with this assignment. Your title page should include the assignment number, course, your name, your instructor, and the date submitted. Please click HERE to view an example. **Remember to use proper APA formatting: Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced.

1.What does social psychology have in common with folk wisdom and philosophy? How does social psychology differ from both folk wisdom and philosophy?
Answer: Social psychology, folk wisdom and philosophy all deal with people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all influenced by what other people think. Social psychology differs from both folk wisdom and philosophy in a variety of ways. Folk wisdom is common sense or the opinions and insights of philosophers, novelists, political pundits, our grandparents and otherwise in the ways of us human beings. Social psychology is an experimentation based science which tests guesses, assumptions, and ideas about human social behavior. While philosophy is the insight about human nature by philosophers or intellectuals. This has more than mere historical significance. In recent decades, psychologists have looked to philosophers for insights into the nature of consciousness and how people form beliefs about the social world but these philosophers usually contradict each other. This is when we are lost because we do not know who to believe.

2.Compare the self-esteem approach and the social cognition approach in terms of the motivations assumed to underlie human behavior.
Answer: The self esteem approach is the need to maintain a positive view of ourselves in this world and the need to view the world accurately with no lies or misinterpretations is the social cognition approach.

3.Based on your text's account of research on self-fulfilling prophecies, explain why some children in a class might perform better than others even if the children are all of similar ability levels.

Answer: According to our text, teachers have been found to treat bloomers (the students they expect to do better) differently in four general ways: They create a warmer emotional climate for bloomers, giving them more personal attention, encouragement, and support; they give bloomers more material to learn and material that is more difficult; they give bloomers more and better feedback on their work; and they give bloomers more opportunities to respond in class and give them longer time to respond.

4.Few would disagree that human aggression is a very pressing social problem that leads to violent criminal acts and that it is important to understand the causes of aggression before we can intervene to reduce it. How would a social psychologist approach this phenomenon? How would a social psychologist's approach differ from the approach of a personality psychologist or a sociologist?

Answer: Most social psychologists agree that aggression is an optional strategy and a social psychologist would not assume that aggression is inborn or learned but will use experimentation to prove a point. A personality psychologist will use the differences of people about aggression. When trying to explain social behavior, personality psychologists generally focus on individual differences—the aspects of people’s personalities that make them different from others. A sociologist will look at aggression on how society views it, that is how he or she will come up with his or her views on aggression. When trying to explain social behavior—how an individual acts within a social context (in relation to others)—personality psychologists explain the behavior in terms...
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