Psy 270 Week 5 Checkpoint Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse


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When it came to choosing just one viewpoint that I thought I agreed most with I found it to be a difficult task. I would have to say that psychodynamic and sociocultural viewpoints are the ones that I just could not choose one over the other. The reason I had such a difficult time choosing, I believe is because substance abuse there are so many different factors that make the subject at hand so extensive.

I agree with the psychodynamic viewpoint because in my opinion and from my personal experience those individuals that have been short of nurturance at some stage in their childhood often bring those same feelings throughout their lives when the situation is not solved. Childhood trauma can cause many different disorders other than substance abuse which is why I believe I find the psychodynamic viewpoint so agreeable. For me personally I believe that if particular situations had be solved during my early childhood, I may have choice a different path in life and not tried to mask the pain of my childhood with other alternatives such as drugs.

Sociocultural viewpoint is the other one I find myself agreeing with and having a hard time letting go. I agree so strongly with this viewpoint because in my opinion, society is a key factor in one’s behavior and attitude; which leads me to the fact that I strongly believe that an individual’s environment has a huge impact on the decisions they make throughout their lives. In the world today (and even many years ago) people are always looking for that “approval” of those around them, along with the continued “need” to be like their peers. This is all why I find that sociocultural viewpoint to be another suiting viewpoint. Personally in growing up, I was always the odd ball but still did things to make sure that I remained in the “in crowd” with those of my peers I communicated with most.

In my opinion I strongly believe that behavioral/cognitive and...
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