Psy 230 Serving Mentally Ill Prison Population

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Serving Mentally Ill Prison Populations
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Serving Mentally Ill Prison Populations

In a publication “The Essential Elements of a Mental Health Court (2007)” explains that how mental health courts are a recent and rapidly expanding phenomenon. This interpretation discusses in the late 1990s only a few courts were accepting cases of this nature. Since then numerous mental health courts have been established to examine defendant’s cases that suffer with a mental illnesses. According to the publication “The Essential Elements of a Mental Health Court (2007)” these courts emphasized their differences and their diversity is undeniable; the similarities across mental health courts share common characteristics.

A specialized court docket, which employs a problem-solving approach to court processing in lieu of more traditional court procedures for certain defendants with mental illnesses.

Judicially supervised, community-based treatment plans for each defendant participating in the court, which a team of court staff and mental health professionals design and implement.

Regular status hearings at which treatment plans and other conditions are periodically reviewed for appropriateness, incentives are offered to reward adherence to court conditions, and sanctions are imposed on participants who do not adhere to conditions of participation.

Criteria defining a participant completion of the program (sometimes referred to/called graduated from). An individualized treatment and supervision plan that is developed must be approved by the court for the participant, who must agree to all court terms and conditions. A rigorous program requiring adherence to an intensive community-based treatment plan based on the forensic ACT Module (A. Douglas (2009). Participants in the beginning phases of the program are required to have weekly court appearances, frequent substance abuse testing (urine analysis and BA?), and daily contact...

References: “The Essential Elements of a Mental Health Court (2007)”
A. Douglas (2009) The purpose of a mental health court
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