Psy 210 Psychology and Health Problems

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Individual: Psychology and Health Problems
Jennifer Graves

Individual: Psychology and Health Problems
The multifactorial model uses different factors from different types of influences, traits and behaviors to determine health conditions according to different influences, as well as susceptibility to illness. Each factor belongs to a group such as, biological and environmental factors, as well as personality, behavior, and stressors. (Nevid & Rathus, 2010) Each group shows the factors and the behavior that can be harmful under that group. The multifactorial model shows the relation between psychology and medicine and how behavior and environment can influence health. The multifactorial model can be used in aiding diagnosis as the factors correlate to illness and health. The multifactorial model cannot diagnose illness or specify the diversity in people’s overall health as it can only aid in helping diagnose illness.

When a person contracts the cold or flu, which can be reflected in the model showing which influences were involved such as environment or biological. (Nevid & Rathus, 2010) Each factor plays an important role in relating to illness such as the biological group which consists of many different factors such as a family history of illness and individual medical history. Age and gender are important factors to consider when ruling out contracting illness biologically. Environmental factors include a wide range of factors from vehicular safety, to radiation exposure which can help to diagnose cancer and ailments from radiation poisoning. Sociocultural factors are an important group of factors which include; socioeconomic status, family statistics as well as prejudice and discrimination. Socioeconomic statuses as well as family status are both psychological factors that can lead to illness. Under the personality group, there are several factors that can lead to stress. Anger, depression and anxiety are all behaviors that can lead to...
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