psy 202 week 2 Assignment

Topics: English-language films Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: March 10, 2015
Connie Cleveland

Psy_202_ Adult Development and Learning

Professor: Jennifer Ashton

Jan. 23, 2015

Self Regulation and Willpower

Both the video and the article talk about having willpower and gratification among ourselves.

The video explains willpower and how it works to help you improve your life. The article explains

“Academic delay of gratification “ and what it means. They both give us examples of how they can

work for us now and in our future.

Willpower to me is having the ability to make choices and decisions on your own. Once I had a

chance to buy a very nice ring, it was beautiful and I would have loved it. I decided not to buy it that

day. I don't regret it though because it saved me a lot of money that I used for something that was more

important. I felt really good because if I didn't make the decision I made I wouldn't be where I am


The situation that I am facing as a college student that requires my willpower is to stop me from

wanting to give up on school. Every time I had a hard time on an assignment or receive a bad grade

I want to give up. Then I think about what I want in my life and then I work harder. Throughout my life

I have resisted many temptations that would have set me back, but I am strong willed and am going to

complete my goals.

In my life right now I am facing a very complicated situatio and it is also very stressful. My 25

year old daughter and her boyfriend have been staying with me foe about a month and a half. She is 30

weeks pregnant and he doesn't work, they have no money coming in at all. I am on disability, a fixed

income struggling to survive. I decided that changes have to be made soon. I then gave them two

choices to make, either he get's a job or they get public assistance help. They have 30 days to decide or

they have to move out. As long as I stay strong and keep positive my willpower will help me through

this. Making...
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