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Topics: Psychology, Scientific method, Sociology Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: February 19, 2012
I choose:
Reclaiming adulthood as a social category: A recognition-theoretical approach. By: Blatterer, Harry

Explain why you chose this topic and article.

The reason in which I chose this topic is because when we reach adulthood our social lives are a bit more complicated that as children. After going through so much growing up sometimes it gets hard to be social due to trust issues. The reason that I chose this article is because the title caught my attention. The title is: Reclaiming adulthood as a social category: a recognition-theoretical approach. I was interested in knowing what theoretical approach the author was taking on reclaiming adulthood socially.  

If you had to write a research paper on this topic, would you use the article you selected? Explain why or why not.

If I was writing a research paper on this topic I would really use this article because it is very informative. The article breaks it down into different categories that are easy to read and understand. The article talks about Adulthood and contemporary social change and adulthood: A central and marginal category. I feel that it will be very helpful for a research paper if it ever arise. What are some of the factors that affect social development in adulthood? What is a midlife transition?

Careers, marriage, and families are some of the factors that affect social development in adulthood. All choices that are concerning these issues are going to affect social development in adulthood, whether negatively or positively. Midlife transition is a stage in which many of us will endure in time usually around the age of 40. Midlife transition can include: Feeling restless, questioning decisions, daydreaming, irritability, unexpected anger, sexual affairs, persistent sadness, wanting more out of life, and increased or decreased ambition.

Psychological Types (Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 6)
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