Psn Network Marketing Plan

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Sony’s Playstation Network [PSN]
Marketing plan

Bharath Karthikeyan
PDSSM [2011-12]

I. Executive Summary
II. Situation Analysis
A. Category/Competitor Definition
B. Category Analysis
1. Aggregate market factors
a. Brand awareness
b. Well-known products
c. Revenue, headcount and number of sales
d. Plans for 2012 – Restructuring
e. Media
f. Suppliers
g. Distributors
2. SWOT Analysis
3. PESTEL and Environmental factors
a. Socio- Cultural Environment
b. Political/ Legal Environment
c. Technological factors
d. Ecological Environment
e. Micro environment analysis
C. Company and competitor analysis
1. Marketing mix
2. Profits
3. Expected future strategies
III. Objectives
A. Marketing objectives
IV. Product/Brand Strategy
A. Customer Target
V. Supporting Market Programs
A. Price
B. Promotion
C. Place
D. Competition
E. Global Market Outlook
F. Future Trends
VI. Conclusion

I. Executive Summary:

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.
Branch: Entertainment Media
• Research & Development of Hardware and Software
• Game development studio
•Subsidiary of Sony Corporation
• 2nd-largest Japanese electronics company
• Core business: entertainment electronics
• Slogan: “make. Believe”

Mission Statement: "to become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services."

Sony, one of the market leaders in entertainment media has captured nearly 33% of the current video game industry with its new range of product line ups. The ‘Playstation3’ video game system and the Playstation Vita are Sony’s latest entertainment devices in the industry. The Playstation systems are an expensive range of entertainment devices which targets the developed and growing economy segments across the world. The Device becomes a onetime investment for any buyer as it is not a commodity. Hence, Sony had devised the strategy for independent game developers to make games for its entertainment systems and Playstation can simply charge them for the licensing costs and marketing. This strategy is not something new and has been around us for more than 20 years now! Evolution is very much necessary as the world has become a market for even a local business through the advent of internet. Sony has realised the potential of a huge market capability through the internet media. In the year 2006, Sony had revealed its new line up of media services online for its entertainment consoles. This is called the Playstation network or simply the PSN network. The PSN network offers its subscribers/audience a means to buy games using the internet. The access to the PSN network comes free of cost for all the game console owners but to buy anything out of the online store, the users have to pay online using credit cards or any other online biller. The launch of the PSN network has helped Sony in many ways. The PSN network allows users to digitally acquire game software without going to a store to physically purchase it. The online service allows portability, as the service can be availed anywhere where there is internet connectivity. The PSN network offers downloadable content for games, issues patches for any fixes required by the game, lets Sony deploy marketing schemes like sales and discounts on its games and many more. The other promising feature of the PSN network is the interconnectivity it offers to all the users of the system. Any PSN user can connect to another PSN user to play a game together. Hence the network acts as a bridge to players across the globe. All these said, in the year 2011 the PSN network was hacked by a group of piracy group and Sony had stored credit card info of all its customers on its servers. The hackers were able to grab some crucial user information but the credit card details were securely stored and hence a major threat was...
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