Pseudoscience Products

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Obesity Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: October 2, 2010
In the 21st century, science has developed to an unbelievable extent. There are so many scientific phenomenons that scientists nowadays, have numerous ways to prove the scientific credibility of an object or a product. While, it is also the human nature to believe in the things they want or wish to happen in real life. Therefore, if products in the market say “lose your weight up to 40 pounds a week”, “build up abs in just 1 week” or “get taller by 6” in just a month”, people tend to believe these, because they wish this to happen. Whereas, they ignore the fact that there is no scientific proof or credibility that proves that these products work. Due to such human thinking, this pseudoscience is still prevailing in our modern society. People in our modern societies tend to let down their critical thinking power, and that very moment they unknowingly promotes the absurd pseudoscience products and believes. The biology-online website defines pseudoscience as “Any body of knowledge, methodology, belief, or practice purported to be scientific but which fails to comply with the scientific method, lacks supporting evidence, or cannot be tested in practice or in principle.” If we go out in the market especially into a drug store, or watching TV commercials at home, we can find lots of examples of such products that claims to do wonders, but does not carry any scientific proof for healing or functioning as it says on their labels or in advertisements on TV. In the video “Here Be Dragons”, the producer/presenter, Brain Dunning emphasized on pseudoscience beliefs in modern world like psychic readers, tarot card readers, medical supplement products in the market, ancient believes etc. He tries to aware the modern societies of the dangers of these pseudoscience products that does nothing more than having you waste your money on these. He provides his understanding and knowledge of these believes and denotes them as “Red Flags” and appeals the society to remain alert from...
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