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It is critical for all persons in the scientific field or not, to distinguish pseudo-science from actual scientific knowledge in today’s world. Science is based on methods, analysis and research that is always supported by evidence. On the other hand, pseudo-science is commonly supported by unreasonable made up theories. The websites have differences

The websites have the very similar discussions and subjects. When you read both the websites though you soon realize that they have very different approach, World Climate website mentions that human activity is causing climate change and is a perfect example of pseudoscience. This website is a blog hence any person can write what they feel strongly about without much scientific roots at all. The publishing documents or blogs are biased when you read them and do not have much reasoning to them. In research this website does not convince me because I look at it from an engineering perspective, there are only a handful of people that run this blog and they do not seem to know much about climate control or changes. The authors of this blog want to deliver a certain point of view and there is not much argue in it as well because the data shown is only making their opinion stronger instead of comparing both the view points.

Skeptical sciences on a first look seemed better organized and planned compared to the first one. It has detailed information on global warming and climate changes as well as different points of view to deliver better rounded information to the reader. The website tries to give as much information possible from its side to cover the biased opinions ideas and investigates to prove the best outcome. None of this is done to prove a point rather it seems though they want to collect data and notify the reader the best research that is underway. Any scientific website that has this kind of information available in the best interest of delivering information to the reader in peer researched way has a...
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