Pseudo Models

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Thanks to the media and the model agencies, a considerable number of young ladies are pumped out last summer. Right before June, some of these nameless girls were ordinary students like you and me. Some were working part-time and some were idling the days away. These girls, aged between 17 to at most 24, appear to be a different kind of models—what we now call the pseudo-models. Not receiving much education, they can still earn a lot, which brings them criticisms of setting bad examples to children from the general public. Honestly, I am writing to express my approval of this critical comment.

Charging far less than famous artists or fashion models, these ubiquitous pseudo-models exist in all sorts of promotion, advertisements and even in book fairs to earn as much as they can. Since one of the most significant features of ‘liang-mo’ is being young, they have to take the opportunity and the time to work as pseudo-models, despite the fact that study should be the more important focus in their age. Balancing study and modeling is no easy task. Therefore, some of them choose to quit school and continue their so-called career. This sets a bad example for teenagers. Modeling is never a long-lasting job, not to mention the pseudo one. One day, after they ‘retire’ from modeling, what can they do? Go back to school or work as unskilled workers? Teenagers may imitate their behavior due to their hasty decision of giving up study.

Yes, being knowledgeable is not the only way-out. Many successful people may not have high educational qualifications, but they can still have excellent reputation. However, with limited knowledge or talents, pseudo-models easily give an illusion to youngsters that the road to success is hurdle-free. Being ‘liang-mo’ offers a gateway to the attractive entertainment industry. They do not need to work hard or get good results in public exams in order to start their career. They don’t realize that it is actually a future which...
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