Ps340 Unit 4 Project

Topics: Hearing impairment, Deaf culture, Audiology Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: January 31, 2012
Robert and Teresa
David Park
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PS340: Exceptional Needs Children
Dr. Natasha Chung
31 January 2012

Scenario One
In the first case study, a child by the name of Robert who was four years of age came for a screening session. To keep out meeting confidential I asked his parents to complete some surveys and permission forms prior to the meeting. The parents’ major concern was that their child was not sociable at all. Robert did not speak; he would rather point to things that he wanted to play with. When I meet Robert up in person, he was a playful little boy who is well attached to his parents, but does not make eye contact when you meet him. You meet with a 4-year-old male (Robert) and his parents during a screening session in your office. You asked his parents to complete some surveys and permission forms prior to the meeting. He plays great by himself, but when I approach him he would stop playing with what he has and gets up from where he is to point to another toy that interests him. Another key information that was presented was that he had two older sisters that did all the talking for me and them communicating to him when he pointed at something. When I called Roberts’ name out he did not respond or look in my direction. When Robert was put in a playgroup Robert shied away and did not want to even play. After playing with him, I administer other tests to find that his intelligence appears to be average for a 4-year-old and so, there no concerns about his cognitive skills. Still unsure about his delayed speech development and lack of appropriate social skills I had to think of some recommendations. In this scenario I felt as if Robert had hearing problems or might be deaf. I was very sure when the parent told me that the two older sisters did all the speaking for him and when he pointed at something the sisters communicated with him. What made me one hundred percent sure of Roberts’ possible deafness was...
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