Ps3 vs Xbox 360

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Jordy Grant02/24/08

English 101Essay # 3

During the year 2005, an entertainment machine called the Xbox 360, produced by Microsoft was released to the public. The machine is the next generation video game machine, and the father of the Xbox. Almost exactly a year later the Playstation 3, produced by Sony Inc. was released. These entertainment machines are produced and designed to both to do the same thing, and therefore are very similar in many aspects, bu at the same time both are very unique.

These machines are similar in that they both play video games. This is the main function of both systems, although both also have many other functions. The Xbox 360 and the Playstation3 are the first two systems to be played in high definition. Both of the machines run software stores on CD’s, and both are capable of playing digital video disks, or DVD’s. Both machines are capable of going online, although the Xbox 360 charges a monthly fee. Both use a wireless controller for input, with dual analog sticks, and four shoulder buttons, plus a d-pad. Both of these machines output to a television or a computer monitor, and are capable of Wi-Fi, but this is where the similarities end.

With all these similarities you may come to think that they are the same machine, but in fact they are very different from one another. On the exterior there are some major differences with Microsoft’s machine coming in a silky white color, while Sony’s Playstation 3 comes in a pearl black case. The Xbox 360, having an entire year of a head start had a much larger library of games, roughly four times as large to be precise. There is also a large price difference in the machines, with the Playstation 3 coming in at 200 dollars more than the Xbox 360, at 500 dollars. There are many reasons for this price difference, with the main one being that the Playstation 3 is capable of reading Blu-Ray movie format. The Xbox 360 on the other hand,...
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