PS 501 unit 10

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: January 20, 2014
I choose Psychology major and want to become an ABA therapist. I am passionate about working with kids and families. Help them achieve their goals and see their growth and development. ABA therapist typically learn how the environment affect behavior and offer treatments to their patients accordingly. Good writing and communication skills are key factors on providing exceptional services to clients. Articles supports the idea of why professionals need good communication and written skills. Defines on behavioral analysis and it’s tools. ITRODUCTION

I have a passion of helping people. And I come from a family history of Cerebral Palsy and behavioral issues. I would love to help my family and treat others with as much concern and care as they were my family. I love analyzing people by watching their facial features and also body language. By observing these things, I can always tell when a person is lying and I love it. I love knowing all about the human brain. I enjoy talking to people and listening to them and trying to solve their problems.

After getting married I had a son who was diagnosed with ADHD. We took him to different counselors in order to learn behavior strategies and how to praise him when he is doing well. From his childhood until today, I learned to teach him how to use positive thinking. I am very that he has made noticeable improvements and is now a fine young boy. He still needs my advice on various issues, but he exhibits positive behavior at all times. I choose to study psychology because I want to learn more about human behavior. I choose the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis because I can make behavior and treatment plans for kids and watch their growth and improvement. I want to learn and acquire knowledge to help others and have a job that I love the most!

Behavior analysis is a science based upon the foundations and principles of behaviorism. Division 25 of the American Psychological...

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