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9927 E. Bell Rd., Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Fax: 480- 905-0993
Date: 03/19/2013
From: S. Williams, L. Zepeda, B. Turk, J. Brantley
Subject: Proposal for a new computerized hair coloring system presentation project for the NICO company. Purpose
The purpose of our proposal is to request allowance and authorization to deploy the upcoming hair convention in Orlando, Florida. We would like to assist NICO in launching the convention in order to motivate new members to join our association and help other stylists, both locally and nationwide share their great ideas. This is also an opportunity for the stylists to sell their products and be well known throughout the country. We would like to present a hair convention that is cost efficient and will give us the opportunity to show this exciting new computerized hair coloring system. Summary

The American Association of Cosmetology has been representing the interests of cosmetology institutions and students before Congress and U.S. Department of Education and state legislature since 1934. We have a reputation for producing some of the most talented and well known cosmetologists in the country. We pride ourselves in each hair convention that we have hosted in the past. We hold customer service and client satisfaction in the highest regard. We believe in giving the best possible service and opportunities to our entrepreneur’s and students alike. Our research into the new computerized hair coloring system has given us the knowledge to be able to present it in a formal, organized, educational, and creative fashion. It is our goal to bring in more hairstylists to share their ideas and to educate them on our new color system that is sure to revolutionize hair coloring.

In the past, costs for the hair show and convention in Orlando have been expensive and other companies have not produced up to date state of the art technology. In 2009, costs were high and profit was low. The attendance numbers were down along with product sales. Feedback from attendees and local hairstylists showed that they were not satisfied with certain aspects of the convention such as, not enough information, no new technology and that they felt there was not enough advertising in order to draw in a substantial crowd. The purpose of the Association is to keep members abreast of changes in federal and state laws and regulations, provide the membership with educational services, to promote the welfare of cosmetology education in the United States, to establish a unity of spirit and understanding among institutions and their instructional staff in pursuing the goals and resolving the problems related to post-secondary cosmetology education. Therefore it is essential that we provide education to both cosmetology students and post graduates alike.

Because of the concern of costs for the convention and customer satisfaction, and our interest in revolutionizing the computerized color system, we propose that we assist NICO in coordinating and hosting their convention. We will begin by cutting costs from years past without effecting the dignity of the convention. Also, we will distribute a brochure this year. Instead of mailing them out we will send an electronic brochure via email to local hair salons and cosmetology schools in order to cut costs on the brochure. We will encourage the stylists from these salons to ask their friends and families to attend, as well as anyone they know who is interested in using or trying this new color system. We will use this year vs. making reservations through the convention center itself. has provided us with a 33% discount over the previous shows. Because of the concern of attendance, we are going to ask individual salons to RSVP with how many employees that will attend from each company. We will be calling on representatives from different cosmetology schools to encourage the students in the Orlando...

References: (American Association of Cosmetology Schools website) (Florida Hotel and Convention Center website)
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