Topics: Criminology, Murder, Crime Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 14, 2014
The movie
‘Provoked’ is based on a true story of a battered wife who killed her sleeping husband by setting fire. Unbearable brutality of her alcoholic husband provoked her to take the revenge in that manner. Though she was charged for murder and sentenced with life imprisonment, on appeal the sentence of life imprisonment was commuted to manslaughter.

Criminological analysis
Classical School: After viewing the movie, it is quite clear that there exists no evil spirit which leads her to commit the said crime rather her mental condition is one of the vital causation of committing the same. Here, we may consider the pain and pleasure theory (hedonism) as another causation of committing the same. To diminish the pain (atrocious behavior of her husband) she killed her husband which gives pleasure. Neo-classical School: She did not commit the crime only because of her free will rather there are some other factors/situations behind the commission of the same like torture, cruel/ unwanted behavior etc. Positive School: The act (murder) of the distressed wife is surely a crime against person which shows that she lacks pity. Again, she can be easily categorized as murderer. Sociological School: She learned the techniques of committing the offence and also justifications from the society. Being provoked, she did not commit the crime suddenly but her conduct (murder) is the ending point of the chain of circumstances. Biological School: Dominance of destructive faculty over other faculties caused the death of her husband. She was also driven by circumstances (biological/ psychological elements) to commit the same. Psychological School: Here in this movie, offender’s jealousness (ID) caused the killing of her husband. Moreover, she can be considered as over controlled violent offender by seeing the way how she executed the crime. Though it was not clear from the movie whether she lacks affection in her adulthood or not but if during her adulthood she lacks...
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