Proving the Battle of Jericho

Topics: Bible, Bronze Age, Wall Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Good morning everyone; I’m ____, and today I will be proving that the Battle of Jericho was real and actually took place in history. The evidence I have acquired proves that this story of Israel’s conquest on Jericho is not a folk tale, but a plausible historic event.

Archaeological and Biblical evidence proves that the Palestinian city of Jericho was populated and active around 1400BC (Late Bronze Age I), in order for the Israelites to conquer and take capture of Jericho.

The Battle of Jericho can be found in the Bible in Joshua chapter 6, verses 1-27. Basically what happened was that the Israelites were commanded by God to march around the massive walls of Jericho seven times a day for seven days, carrying the Ark of the Covenant; on the seventh day, after walking around these walls seven times, they were instructed to shout with their loudest voices, and God would make the walls fall down. Sure enough, once they shouted, the walls came tumbling down so that they could enter and capture the city as a whole.

To the present day, many people have cultured opinions and theories about this particular happening. A good portion of archaeologists claim that this could not have possibly happened, but on the other hand, another portion says it definitely could have. Today I am going to present to you both sides of the argument, and by the end of this presentation, I will prove that the Battle of Jericho really did take place in history.

First piece of evidence: how the walls actually fell down.

When John Garstang underwent an excavation in Jericho, from 1930-1936, he came back with some mind-rattling evidence. His findings revealed the remains of a network of collapsed walls dated back to approximately 1400BC; these were said to have fallen in a ‘dramatic fashion’. Seems extremely similar to the Bible story, yes? Additionally, this was around the time the battle was supposed to have occurred. He also concluded that the walls were absolutely NOT ruined...
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