Providing a Safe, Secure and Stimulating Environment in a Community Based Pre-School

Topics: Child, Risk, Accident Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: March 16, 2012
In order to ensure a safe pre-school environment settings have in place policies and procedures which are followed by the staff and management. A health and safety policy outlines emergency procedures including Fire Evacuation it will also have procedures for pupils with medical needs and Risk Assessment.

In my settings, staff follows a safety check every morning of the inside and outside play area, ensuring there are no hazards like broken glass, animal mess, broken toys, wet and slippery equipment outside, which can cause harm to the children in their care. Inside they ensure there are no dangerous obstacles that may cause any child to fall over, all chairs are tucked under the tables and the area where the sand and water trays are kept is wiped and dried before the children arrive in the morning and after lunch. It is the teacher and assistants responsibility to ensure these safety checks inside the classroom throughout the day hence incorporating ‘tidy-up time’ after every session. It must also be ensured that the adult to child ratio is adhered to in order to supervise the children properly keeping in mind their safety.

A daily register is taken by the teacher once the children arrive in the morning and once in the afternoon to sign in the children. If during the day a child is injured they are taken to the first aid room which is situated in the Reception area, minor bumps and bruises are recorded in the accident book. Any accidents that occur on the head eyes and face must be reported to parents or guardians via the accident letter kept in the medical room. Incase of injury, accident or incident an Accident Report Form must be completed by the Designated Health and Safety Coordinator which is sent to the Council. Teachers must be informed by parents if someone else is to pick their child up at home time or they must inform the Reception by telephone of...

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