Providing& Maintaining Administrative Support

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1. Understand how to order products and services
2. Understand how to keep waste to a minimum in a business environment 3. Understand the purpose of delivering effective customer service 4. Know how to take minutes
5. Understand how to organise meetings
6. Understand how to organise events
7. Understand how to manage diary systems
Explain what procedures you use to order products and services for your organisation In order for my organisation to order products and services we have to follow a procedure to do so. We have a formal process in place for ordering goods from suppliers. There are terms and conditions and needs to be authorised by the office manager. There are arrangements for the storage and distribution for the supplies. Anyone in the office needs to be aware of the procedures for ordering and distribution of goods. In my office the only supplies that we order is stationary. This is ordered by the admin support staff with the supervision of the office manager; this has to be signed off by the office manager. Once the deliveries come in it is up to the admin support to store them appropriately and make sure the figures of stock are changed.|

How would you write a specification for products or services? A specification would need to be written for products and services within our organisation.This would include a clear and precise description of the product required and details of payment. This would enable a successful delivery of the product.The product specification will need to be accepted by both parties and the supplier must be capable of fulfilling the order. For example, if wicks don’t have any black pens then we wouldn’t use them to get the black pens. In my organisation, the admin supports are responsible for doing the specification.|

Why is it important to select products or services that are best value for money? It is important to select products and services at the best value because it would save the company money that could be used on other important things. Also it is important as it means that we could find appropriate products to meet the organisation’s needs. In order to get better value for money for a product it is worth our while that we identify the ‘economies of scale’ (ordering in larger quantities to secure a lower price) and that we shop around to find the best deals.|

Why is it important to review your procedures for ordering products and services? Reviewing ordering procedures will allow you to:l improve efficiencyl save moneyl improve delivery timesl improve quality of product or service.|

Explain 2 main causes of waste in your workplace and how they can be avoided Cause of waste| How to avoid|
l stationery, e.g. paper and old files| By keeping waste to a minimum, you will be saving money for the organisation and you will also be reducing the ‘carbon footprint’ by being environmentally friendly. Practical ways in which you can keep waste to a minimum could include:l avoiding printing out documents if you don’t need tol only photocopying the required number of copies and copying back-to-backl making sure that you switch off lights when there is no-one in the rooml using the ‘sleep’ mode on electrical devices e.g. printersl re-using envelopes for internal maill re-using folders, files and ring bindersl ensuring that there is a maintenance programme in place to service and repair relevant equipmentl converting waste paper into scrap padsl recycling paper, ink cartridges and photocopier / toner cartridgesl having clearly labelled and accessible recycling bins to encourage colleagues to recycle.| hazardous waste, e.g. photocopier toner cartridges, light bulbs / tubes, solvents and batteries.| |

Why is it important that customer service meets or exceeds customer expectations? Customer service is highly important in an...
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