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Provide Leadership Across The Organisation| May 3
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Strategic Directions3
Macro and Micro Forces3
Media and Language4
Issues and How They Are Addressed5
Investigation of Incidents5
Building Trust, Confidence and Respect5
Monitoring the Global Environment and New Technology6
Flexibility and Adaptability to Change6
Decision Making8
Risk Management Plans9
Accountabilities and Responsibilities11
Resource Management11
Positive Work Environment12
Ethical Conduct13
Interpersonal and Leadership Styles14
Personal Objectives14
Self-Performance and Professional Competence15
Industry/ Professional Networks15
Conclusion In conclusion, leadership plays a major role and part in an organisation as it creates an organisational culture and workplace culture whereby leaders are bred. Leadership is not only seen organisation wide but I can be seen on an education level, where role models are created and team leaders are formed. From the research conducted about Qantas, it can be concluded that leadership is required at all level of the organisation for its smooth functionality.15


Qantas Airways Ltd
Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis of leadership that is present within Qantas. Research was taken into the thorough examination of Qantas in terms of its historical background and current status of the organisation, its strategic goals and objectives, their standing values, standards and organisational culture. Research was also undertaken into the forces that might have an impact on the organisation (including both the Macro Environment and the Micro Environment), the media used to communicate organisational strategies and the language used to communicate this message. Setting and addressing of clear expectations of the individuals and groups, investigation of incidents and they are communicated to relevant groups, building trust and confidence from diverse individuals and groups, implementation of both organisational and workplace culture, an understanding of the global environment, and the flexibility and adaptability to change. Consultation and participation in decision making which also takes into account the needs and expectations of both internal and external groups, in accordance with the risk management plans; positive representation of the organisation in the media, assign accountabilities and responsibilities. Teams need to be resourced to allow them to achieve their objectives, effective delegation and support for their initiatives, maintenance of a positive work environment, development of innovative approaches to the performance of work, ethical conduct in all areas of work, adapting to interpersonal and leadership styles, setting and achieving personal objectives and work programs, ensuring self-performance and professional competence is continuously improved and participate regularly in industry/professional networks and groups.

“Founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, Qantas has grown to be Australia's largest domestic and international airline. Registered originally as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS), Qantas is widely regarded as the world's leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. We have built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service. The Qantas Group's main business is the transportation of customers using two complementary airline brands - Qantas and Jetstar. We also operate subsidiary businesses including other airlines, and businesses in specialist markets such as Q Catering. Our airline brands operate regional, domestic and international services. The Group's broad portfolio of subsidiary businesses ranges from...

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