Proton Malaysia

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Does PROTON need to maintain their organization structure or change it?

When comparing the PROTON’s structure and the other Toyota’s structure, we can conclude that PROTON’s didn’t need to change their structure. The only problem lies on the workers on how they manage their works based on their department. Usually, some cars component that the company got from the other vendors are in poor quality that might affected the performance of the car and the sales of the company. In an engineering ethics, one will question on how the PROTON can be successful while the management can be so poor. The customer wants quality cars and they have high expectation on PROTON as it able to stand in the world. This would be checked by the manufacturing and maintenances job so that they can keep quality check on the cars. According to the Annual report of PROON’s on 2011, the two hub of PROTON’s, one in SIjangkang, Selangor in 2009 and the other in PROTON Tanjung Malim by PROTON Edar have managed to reduce PROTON’s Edar’s warranty cost by 78%. They also quite a good feedback from the customer and there is improvement in their quality. This also means that how well the PROTON’s have manage their structure well by divided into different department with the different task but the same goal: to improvement the quality and gained trust on the customer. It needs to be mentioned here that the PROTON’s are able to reduce their vehicle activity from 3 years to 17 months. This wouldn’t happen if there no strategic planning as dividing each department with a different task. PROTON’s get a well done job on this since it also considered a market growth and there many competitors out there.
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