Proton Ethical Issues

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Ethical issues faced by Proton Car

Now a day businesses are considering ethical issues as a terms of administrative compliance to cope with legal environments and following internal organizational rules and regulations. It is also true that following business ethics not only motivate employees but also help them to perform at their level best. The impacts of different ethical issues faced by Proton Car of Malaysia are discussed below:

a. Rights, conflicts and responsibilities:

While Proton car was established in Malaysia, they don't have the skill and technology to run this business swiftly as a result they hired technology and skill from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. As the technological and knowledge shifted they started to produce on their own effort. This means, Proton Car Corporation is depended on the skill of the labor. So they must give them some rights to motivate them and increase the profitability. As it engaged in global business the necessity for giving the employee rights increased much. Now Proton car have 10,300 employees to cover up its activities.

As over 42% of the equity is held by the Malaysian Government the employees of Proton car enjoy various rights and facilities like others Government employees. Moreover their jobs are secured and they receive proper training form the company. As the agreement, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation was responsible for the construction, training, supervision, preparation for production for all the staff of Proton Car. As a result Proton car send their employees to Japan for receiving all short of training needed by them. And the working environment is safe as to meet the international standard. Mitsubishi Motor Corporation also sends their experts to supervise the employees and ensure the working conditions of the Proton Car.

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