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Extended Diploma Applied Science
Biochemistry & Biochemical Techniques
Assignment 2 - Proteins

Completion of this assignment meets the following grading criteria:

Physiology of Human Body Systems
P3 describe the primary and
secondary structures of
M2 explain the tertiary and
quaternary structures of
D2 discuss the relationship
between the structure and
function of proteins

Task 1 – Proteins – primary & secondary structures
1. Draw the structure of a generalised amino acid

2. Using appropriate diagrams, show how two amino acids become chemically bonded to one another. Name the bond that is formed

The bond that forms between the two amino acids is a peptide bond. This was made on MS paint
3. Using suitable diagrams where necessary, describe the primary structure of a protein The primary structure of a protein is a sequence of amino acids with locations of covalent bonds that affects the secondary structures’ localised 3D structure.

4. Name, describe and make drawings of the two secondary structures found within proteins The alpha helix is formed by a group of recurring amino acids with a particular bond angle to have a clockwise coiling this mak es the localised the 3D structure. A beta pleated sheet is a section of amino acids with the same recurring group of amino acids with a different bond angle to the otherwise linear chain.

5. Describe how the ‘r’ chains of the amino acids found in the primary structure gives rise to secondary structures of proteins The R chain found on the amino acid affects the way the amino acid interacts with the other amino acids, it allows hydrogen bonds to form between the chains of peptides and also affects the bond angles within the chain. P3

Task 2 – tertiary & quaternary structures
6. Explain how the secondary structures of proteins give rise to the tertiary structure. You should include in your answer all of the bonds that form within a polypeptide...
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