Protestants and Catholics

Topics: Christianity, Protestantism, Catholic Church Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: April 6, 2006
In Ireland people live in constant frightens. A frightens which has resulted in many fights. The course of this frightens is that in Ireland we have two religions – Catholicism and Protestantism. When these two ‘religion groups' collides there'll be fights and sometimes with fatal accidents. And the short story ‘Good Girl' by Marita Conlon-McKenna brings some of these problems up – the fights between Catholicism and Protestantism or problems within same religion.

We are in Ireland more specifically in the North of Ireland. The problem here is that we have frictions between Catholics and Protestants. But two people are getting along, and that is a girl named Chrizzy, a Catholic and a boy named Ian, he's a Protestant. These two young people are going out on a date. Chrizzy is a girl and probably about 15-16 years old. We don't get her exact age, but she's dating a boy named Ian, so my suggestion is that she's 15-16 years old, because of the dating. Chrizzy has long auburn hair and is going on a date with Ian. She lives with her parents and two sisters. A little sister named Gemma and an older sister named Anna. Gemma's that little annoying sister who does everything that her elder sister does – in this case as Chrissy. Anna is 19 years old and is the ‘smart' one. She's on University – Queens University. Anna has a boyfriend named Ray and they've been together since their childhood and are planning their married.

As Chrissy's waiting for Ian some girls come. It's a little group of girls - Catholic girls. One of the leaders is Eilish. Eilish is a girl from Chrissy's school and she's one year ahead of Chrissy. Eilish hates Protestants, and she knows that Chrissy's dating a Protestant-boy. Eilish is playing nice to Chrissy, because Eilish wants to hurt Chrissy. The idea that Eilish has is to bring Chrissy down to the lakeshore and punish her there. To get Chrissy down to the lakeshore she says that Ian's waiting for her down there. Chrissy believe that and...
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