Protestant Reformation and Humanities

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Printing press, Printing Pages: 3 (1159 words) Published: May 12, 2008

The Importance of Humanities
There is a significant importance to the study of humanities. When I was first told that I had to sign up for a Humanities class, I wondered why an accounting degree would require such a class. At the time I did not feel a Humanities class would benefit me; however, within the first week, I began to think differently. It was very interesting. I saw that the importance of studying Humanities lay in the history of the works completed. Within that history is valuable information that we need for the future. It is said that history repeats itself, and throughout the book, I could see this. Humanities have taught me how our culture has developed as well. The first example of how our culture has developed would be the printing press. Printing had been invented in the early fifteenth century, and once invented, printing spread around the world. Printing started in the West, but spread to Europe quickly. With the printing press, the study of learning and technology was able to grow exponentially. It is said that the Protestant Reformation benefited much from the printing press. It was interesting for me to learn of the printing presses for several reasons. I think that in most cases, people do not connect the beginning to what is happening today. In reading about the printing presses, I was interested to learn how many books had been published-between six and nine thousand books. The printing press went a long way to spread learning, and now we publish thousands of books per day and even the poor can find access to used books. Literature is another example to how our culture has developed today. Just take a look at Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More, and Erasmus. These authors have written works that have been studied for years. Once printing became popular, these great writers were able to have their works printed and distributed to the population. Shakespeare’s plays are studied even today for their carefully...

Cited: Cunningham LS & Reich JJ Cultures & Values A Survey of the Humanities Vol. 2 6th Ed
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