Protestant Reformation

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APEH Chapter 11 and 12 Study Guide
I. Ch. 11 Age of Reformation (16th Century) pp 317 (K) Ch 4 (Viault) A. Society and Religion
1. Social and Political Conflict
a. free imperial cities of Germany and Switzerland
b. internal social and political divisions
c. economic issues of the early reformation
2. Popular Religious Movements and Criticism of the Church
a. "exile" in Avignon and the Great Schism
b. Growing criticism of the Church
c. The Modern Devotion
1) Brothers of the Common Life
2) Gerard Groote
3) Thomas a Kempis The Imitation of Christ
d. Lay control over religious life
1) benefice system and the sale of church offices
2) Absenteeism
3) Sale of indulgences
4) City Government and Preacherships
5) Immunity of place and person
B. Martin Luther and German Reformation to 1525
1. Luther’s background
2. Justification by Faith alone
3. The Attack on Indulgences
a. Leo X
b. Jubilee Indulgence
c. Church of Wittenberg
4. Election of Charles V
5. Luther's Excommunication and the Diet of Worms
6. Imperial Distractions: France and the Turks
a. Hapburg-Valois Wars
b. Peace of Augsburg 1555
7. How the Reformation Spread
8. The Peasants' Revolt
C. The Reformation Elsewhere: Zwingli, Anabaptists, Calvin
1. Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation
a. Switzerland
b. The Reformation in Zurich
c. The Marburg Colloquy
d. Swiss Civil Wars
2. Anabaptists and Radical Protestants
a. Anabaptists
b. Conrad Grebel an the Swiss Brethren
c. The Anabaptist Reign in Munster
d. Spiritualists
e. Antitrinitarians
3. John Calvin and the Genevan Reformation
a. Calvinism
b. Political Revolt and Religious Reform in Geneva
c. Calvin’s Geneva
D. Political Consolidation of the Lutheran Reformation
1. The Diet of Augsburg
2. The expansion of the Reformation
a. Christian II of Denmark
b. Gustavus Vasa of Sweden
c. Poland and toleration
3. Reaction against Protestants
4. The Peace of Augsburg
E. The English Reformation to 1553
1. The Preconditions of Reform
2. The King's Affair
a. Henry’s divorce
b. Church Leaders
3. The Reformation Parliament
- Act of Supremacy 1534
4. Wives of Henry VIII
5. The King's Religious Conservatism
6. The Protestant Reformation under Edward VI
F. Catholic Reform and Counter-Reformation
1. Sources of Catholic Reform
2. Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits
3. The Council of Trent (1545-1563)
G. Social Significance of the Reformation in Western Europe
1. The Revolution in Religious Practices and Institutions
a. Religion in 15th Century Life
b. Religion in 16th Century Life
2. The Reformation and Education
a. education reforms in schools and universities
b. Spiritual Exercises
c. Philip Melanchthon
d. Genevan Academy
e. Studia humanitatis
3. The Reformation and the Changing Role of Women
a. clerical marriage
b. arguments for marriage
c. companionate marriage
d. education for women
H. Family Life in Early Modern Europe
a. Later Marriages
b. Arranged Marriages
c. Family size
d. Birth Control
e. Wet nursing
f. Loving families
I. Literary Imagination in Transition
a. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: Rejection of Idealism
b. William Shakespeare: Dramatist of the Age

II. Ch 12The Age of Religious Wars (pp 351)
A. Renewed Religious struggle
1. Peace of Augsburg 1555--cuius region, eius religio
2. Art and Architecture of the Baroque
a. Peter Paul Rubens
b. Bernini
c. Rembrandt
3. New skepticism, relativism and individualism in the church 4. Politiques
a. Elizabeth I
b. Who else?
B. The French Wars of Religion (1562-1598)
1. Anti-Protestant Measures and the Struggle for Political Power a. Huguenots
b. Protestant persecution
c. Edict of Fontainebleau and the Edict of Chateaubriand
d. Hapsburg-Valois Wars
2. Appeal of Calvinism
a. served the forces of political decentralization
b. justification and inspiration for political resistance
3. Catherine de Medici and the Guises
a. regent for Charles IX
b. The Guises
c. Louis I, the prince of...
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