Protein Research Sci 241

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Protein Article Research
John Doe
SCI 241
May 17, 2012
Jane Doe

Protein Article Research
This class has been very informative during the past few weeks. We have learned how to count calories, read nutrition labels, use a tracker to monitor our daily intake, carbohydrates, and learned about proteins and their effects. According to the readings in the text and the article proteins are the building blocks in the body. I learned that protein is found in all tissues, cells and organs of the body, and found in a variety of food such as beans, eggs, fish, milk, nuts, and some fruits and vegetables.

The proteins we gain through eating are processed into amino acids and use to replace the proteins already found in the body. There is a total of 20 different amino acids that combine together to make the different proteins. Amino acids that cannot be produce by the body are known as essential amino acids, and are acquired through the foods we eat. These essential amino acids are necessary for the body to function. Two types of proteins are complete and incomplete. Complete or high quality proteins supply all essential amino acids and incomplete proteins have a low dosage in one or more essential amino acid. Other forms of proteins are conditionally essential amino acids only needed during certain conditions such as sickness and nonessential amino acids which are synthesized by the body to meet needs. The risks associated with protein deficiency are Kwashiorkor, which is found mainly in young children causing height and weight to problems along with a higher risk of getting an infection. Nutrient absorption is diminished because cells that lined the digestive tract die. Other effects are fat developing in the liver causing the belly to become bloated and flaky skin. The risks associated with overconsumption of protein are increasing amount of urea in the body, fluid loss increases which can be extremely dangerous for people with renal disease. The increase of...
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