Protein Party in School

Topics: Nutrition, Taste, Soy milk Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: November 2, 2008
During the second week of school I attended a protein party put on by the RA’s in my residence halls. The purpose of this activity was to promote the different sources of protein and how protein is essential for your bodies growth and maintenance.

At the activity I was able to sample a variety of foods that were rich in protein. I enjoyed this because I tried foods and drinks that I hadn’t ever tasted before, even though i strongly disliked tofu. But I learned that soy milk isn’t completely disgusting and trying these new “exotic” foods and drinks will only broaden my selection of foods. To me, college is about broadening my horizon and trying new things. There was also a twenty minute protein informational video that covered a majority of the major protein sources in our local grocery store. It also showed us how to prepare our very own protein balanced meal plan for a day. In addition to those things the video raised a lot of the myths about protein, and put them to the test. The protein party also provided us with a variety of hand outs that were filled with facts about general nutrition. There were also hand outs listing an array of protein based foods and a serving size, for every food listed it gave us the caloric intake and the amount of protein in each item. The party also provided us with a resource sheet for the top five places on campus to work out. To end the activity our RA’s had invited someone from the health building to come and answer questions we had about protein specifically or any other nutritional category.

Overall this activity encompassed a lot of information I had already known from past health classes and general athletic teams I was involved in. But I will admit that there was some information that was new to me, and I will benefit from it in the future. Even though I was absolutely disgusted with tofu, the chocolate soy milk was pretty good. Those are things that I would have not had taken the time to learn and try...
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