Protein Content in Milk and Soya Milk

Topics: Milk, Calcium, Soy milk Pages: 4 (802 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Jonathan Chong
Biology Lap Report
The protein content in Soya milk and regular milk
Research question:
Casein is a kind of protein content in regular milk and soya milk. A slimmer would like to know the protein content in soya milk and milk so that he can decide his diet program. In this test our control are amount of milk and soya milk, temperature. Independent variable is the types of milk and soya milk, dependent variable is the protein content in those two types of beverages.

Aim: Measure the protein content (casein) in milk and soya milk by using the method of hydrolysis

Hypothesis: The result of this test will be the protein content in milk is higher that soya milk. On the nutrition panel from soya milk we see that 5.67g of protein per 100g and compare with 8.35g in milk.


Independent variable: types of milk and soya milk

Dependent variable: protein content

Control: amount of milk and soya milk (125ml per type), temperature (25 degree), time (stirring time about 90 second)

* (125ml milk and soya milk) X 2
* Dilute acid 10ml
* Cheese cloth (filter) X 4
* Hair dryer
* Water bath ( 25 degree)
* Bunsen burner
* Solid magnesium sulfate X 2
* Balance
* 150 ml beaker X4
* Glass rod
* Tripod
* Heat proof net
* Heat proof mat

1. Collect protein content from milk and soya milk with a amount of 125ml

2. Weight the mass of the milk with a balance

3. Leave the soya milk on the side on the bench and pour 125 ml of milk in to a 150ml beaker

4. Warm the milk to 25 degree by the water bath for 2mins

5. Remove it away from the water bath then add 10 ml of dilute acid and stir continuously with a glass rod for about 90 second

6. After stirring let it settle for 5 minutes in order to precipitate protein out of the milk

7. By using the cheese cloth separate precipitate from water and carefully run through water to rinse off...
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