Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation in Sports

Topics: Amino acid, Protein, Essential amino acid Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation in Sports
The popularity of increasing the “performance-enhancing” supplements, Protein and amino acids, has flourished among all athletes. This increase is attributed to the belief by many of the athletes that it provides endurance, strength and speed enhancement. Amino Acids (AA) enhanced physical feats, improved energy and recovery sooner from fatigue. The three vital Amino Acids which were given a high focal point among athletes are leucine, isoleucine, and valine referred to as BCAA’s or branched-chain amino acids, which are generally given as a supplement to athletes. Those same BCAA’s are essential amino acids that can be employed in skeletal muscles as a source of energy (Nemet & Eliakim, 2007). It was shown in studies, while exercising, there was a larger breaking down of proteins to meet the increasing energy needs of the skeletal muscles. With long-lasting exercise the BCAA’s in the blood decline promoting tryptophan’s uptake across the blood-brain barrier which could increase serotonin formation. This might cause a sedated feeling in the brain, which would cause fatigue in the athlete. It was also suggested that Amino Acids supplements would increase the athlete’s stamina as the breakdown of the proteins and BCAA’s decline during exercise are slowed down (Nemet & Eliakim, 2007). The AA supplementation was found to improve recovery. Forms of muscle damage have been caused by exercise which indicators include increases in creatine kinase (CK) and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD or LDH) levels. According to studies, there were some major decreases in creatine kinase, and lactate Dehydrogenase values, with a deferred onset of muscle tenderness after exercising, when supplemented with the branch -chained Amino Acids (Nemet & Eliakim, 2007). During exercise vital AA’s were found to be the stimulators of protein synthesis which would be a sign of extra needed protein or Amino Acids supplementation. It...
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