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Effect of Protein Intake on Strength, Body Composition and Endocrine Changes in Strength/Power Athletes

Proteins are often called the building blocks of the body. Protein consists of combinations of structures called amino acids that combine in various ways to make muscles, bone, tendons, skin, hair, and other tissues. They serve other functions as well including nutrient transportation and enzyme production. Adequate, regular protein intake is essential because it isn’t easily stored by the body. Various foods supply protein in varying amounts with complete proteins (those containing 8 essential amino acids) coming mostly from animal products such as meat, fish, and eggs and incomplete protein (lacking one or more essential amino acid) coming from sources like vegetables, fruit and nuts. Athletes need protein primarily to repair and rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise and to help optimizes carbohydrate storage in the form of glycogen. The beneficial effects of a high protein intake may also be reflected by improvements in body composition through increasing lean tissue accruement. In addition, protein intake has been suggested to influence the anabolic hormones involved with muscle remodeling. Objective:

The purpose of this study was to examine whether protein intakes above recommended levels (> 2.0 g·kg-1·day-1) provided any additional benefit for strength and body composition improvements in strength/power athletes.  Hypothesis:

There is significant difference in effects of protein intake on strength, body composition and endocrine changes in strength/power athletes.

The subjects are 23 male collegiate strength/power athletes volunteered for this study. Following an explanation of all procedures, risks and benefits each subject gave his informed consent to participate in this study.  Subjects were not permitted to use any anabolic agents known to increase performance such as creatine, testosterone...
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