Protection of Environment

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The Indira Gandhi National Open University established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 has emerged as a World leader in Open and Distance Education. The University offers a variety of academic programmes at Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels covering various areas of knowledge. These programmes are offered through Schools of Studies located at the IGNOU Headquarter at Delhi. The delivery of academic programmes is done through a network of Regional Centres across the country.

The University began its Research Degree Programmes (MPhil and PhD) in 2002. As on date, these programmes are available in 50 Disciplines under the Schools of Study. Around 1000 Research Scholars are pursuing their Research in the University. The Research Degree Programmes of the University are conducted in accordance with the Research Ordinance.


(1)A candidate seeking registration in the Research Degree Programmes (MPhil/PhD) of the University must hold a Master’s Degree awarded by a recognized University or other equivalent Qualification.

2) The candidate should have secured at least 55% marks in the Master’s Degree (50% for Reserved Category).


The PhD Programme Fee is Rs. 7,000/- per annum for 2 years. MPhil candidates are to pay one-time fee of Rs. 10,500/- which is inclusive of the Course Fee. Individual Disciplines may assign course work for PhD candidates for which additional fee may be charged (The fee as stated above is subject to revision as decided by the University from time-to-time).


The maximum duration of the PhD Programme is 5 years and that of the MPhil programme is 4 years.


IGNOU follows the provisions of the Government of India Policy on Reservation for admission to its Research Degree Programmes.

Research Proposal is the statement of your scheme of research. You have decided the topic which you want to explore. Now is the time to put some questions to your own self. What is the purpose of your research? It is not supposed to be just a rehash of what other people have said on the subject. You would certainly like to contribute something original to the world of knowledge through the proposed research. It is therefore important to organize your proposed scheme in the form of a cogent and viable write-up. This write-up makes for your research proposal. We give below the main components of a research proposal as is generally expected by our decision taking bodies, viz. Doctoral Committee, School Board and Research Council. It should contain the following:

Give proposed Research Title.



Give a broad description of proposed Research Work. Explain important concepts in the study (use more space if needed). ____________________________________________________________________



Establish the rationale for undertaking the study in the background of work done on that theme or the logic of the originality of your research work; identify gaps in the knowledge and justify the need for the present study (use more space if needed). ____________________________________________________________________



(4)Give broad aims of the study and also the specific objectives....

Bibliography: Selected list of references used and proposed for the study should be mentioned (use more space if needed).
Note: The Research Proposal should be between 3000-5000 words.
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