Protecting Children and Youth in the Internet Age

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Internet and mobile technology can bring people together who otherwise would never know each other and create a virtual universe with every kind of information imaginable available at your fingertips. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the Internet and mobile age has a dark side. It is full of material that is inappropriate for children and all kinds of predators. But because of it the children and youth need not miss out on all the positive aspects of the technology by refraining from it.

Innovative concepts can be implemented to protect children such as: organizing awareness seminars, conducting e-safety trainings, Internet security events. We can also launch a code of conduct for cybercafés. Promote child safety as a part of the legal discussions in the government. We can help in supporting and coordinating E-Safety work programs which are taking place around the world. We can also have various networks to implement a safer internet and mobile computing like:

• Network of hotlines- Which can allow members of the public to report illegal content they come across on the Internet, which they pass on the appropriate body for action such as the police.

• Network of "awareness nodes" – Which can ensure the exchange of best practices and carry out awareness actions like training of teachers, parents and children in safer use on the Internet.

• Network of “Child Safety Online”- The network should also develop a common approach to protecting children in this area and influence relevant policies and strategies to enhance children's rights online.

Protecting children and youth from the evil effects of mobile and internet computing has two sides. It involves education and prevention.

1. EDUCATION: The first line of defense in keeping your kids safe on the Web is to teach them how to use it safely. Parents should supervise kids online and educate them on the evils...
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