Protect Our Environment

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Ways to Protect the Environment

or simple ones, there are many ways that everyone can do their part to help preserve the health of the environment. Ads by Google Considering Wallpaper? Take a look at Nippon Momento wallpaper

Simple Things to Do at Home
There is not one culprit that people can hold responsible as the singular cause of environmental destruction. While global climate change may be the environmental cause du jour, it is certainly not the only issue facing humankind. Much like there are numerous causes to environmental destruction, there are numerous things that everyone can do at home to help mitigate this damage. Changes don't have to be big, and many incremental changes can add up to a major shift. 

Light bulbs are an easy switch. Compact fluorescent bulbs last longer and use less energy than incandescent bulbs, so you will save money by using them.

Many municipalities already offer good recycling programs. All glass, cans and paper should be recycled, along with as much plastic as possible.

By Jared Skye

Everyone has some form of impact on their natural environment-- in an industrialized world, this is an unavoidable reality. However, the extent to which people negatively impact their environment can absolutely be mitigated through a number of means. Whether it's making large efforts

You may notice that cleaning products can be harsh on the eyes and nose. They can also be hard on the environment. For most household cleaning, you can use baking soda,

white vinegar and Castille soap. You will save money and cut down on dangers for small children. 

Invest in a set of canvas bags. You can use these for a lot of shopping. Most people use them for groceries, but bring them along when buying books, toys or even clothes. If they are too bulky, there are many others that fold up and slip into small purses.

Utilize greywater for things like flushing the toilet and watering the garden. If you use natural soaps without harsh chemicals, the water from your bath or shower can be reused on your garden. Also, this water can be reused to flush your toilet. All you need to do is put a bucket in the shower with you to collect the water, then dump it down the toilet to flush.

If you buy a new computer, recycle your old one. 

Use your electronics until they're completely dead and impossible to use. Consumer electronics create an immense amount of waste, and not only when it comes to the components piling up in landfills. Electronics use a number of minerals that are often mined in countries without proper environmental protection protocols. Buying fewer electronics will help you to drastically reduce your imprint on the environment.

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Use heavy curtains on your windows. Heavy curtains play a great dual purpose in your home when it comes to energy savings. Not only will they help keep sunlight and heat out of your home in the summer, but they also help retain heat during the winter. This way, you aren't using up as much energy to heat and cool your home.

When possible, buy bamboo kitchen tools. Spatulas, spoons, and salad tossers are generally very easy to find in bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and bamboo fields use very little space to yield a productive crop. 

conservation is quickly becoming one of the most important environmental issues facing humanity. Repair your clothes when they tear. The clothing industry is simply enormous, and a lot of people will buy a new pair of jeans every time they tear a little hole in the old ones. This is a massively...
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