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Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Rape Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 22, 2014
III. Reasons why prostitution should not be legalized
a. Degradation: Even though it might be consensual, by the very nature of being paid for sex requires submission to the client b. Does not reduce trafficking
i. Nevada, more illegal than legal prostitution c. No proof HIV or other STD’s are reduced
d. Habituation: Being repeatedly exposed to stimuli over a period of time reduces your reaction-pretty soon we will be a conditioned as a country-no morals or ethics e. Sensitization-there will be a continually increasing need for more stimuli to produce the same result-will prostitution begin to include younger workers or workers subjected to abuse to satisfy clients needs?

IV. Areas of agreement
a. There should be an age restriction
b. Workers need to be regularly tested
c. Sex surrogates are a successful form of sexual therapy, and another example of sex for

Some believe that prostitution is morally wrong, destructive and truly mortifying. Some believe that it is all up to the government whether or not prostitution should be legalized in their state. There are several reasons why prostitution should not be legal. Even though prostitution might be consensual, by the very nature of being paid for sex requires submission to the client.

Some women find themselves in need of money so they will do anything, even prostitution, in a relationship of submission with men that will take advantage of them. Most women often break their morals in order to give up their body for money. “"Prostitution as an institution is evil. It doesn't matter if it is the 'world's oldest profession', it is still wrong. However, prostitutes themselves are not evil and neither are their johns. They are usually broken and needy individuals seemingly trapped by the circumstances of their lives. Ultimately, to accept and legitimize prostitutes and johns is not compassionate, it is lazy. Not to undertake the difficult task of leading, encouraging and...
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