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Bailey Houk
Dr. Cavin
English 101
20 April 2012
The Bright Side of Prostitution
Prostitution is definitely not a new part of our society. It has been around for as long as any of us can remember. There are documented prostitutes as far back as 2400 B.C. where it was a temple service for the richest Sumerian rulers. (Akhaven). Today there are new ideas and beliefs surrounding the entire sex industry. Different events all over the world have repeatedly put prostitution in the spotlight within these recent years (Coyne 1) (Maginn 2). This is such a controversial issue because opinions are spread across such a broad spectrum. When the majority of a society looks down on something, such as prostitution, it is a very difficult task to show them the benefits that could come from changing the current restrictions on sex workers. I personally believe that if more people actually took the time to look into this issue, people would begin to understand the benefits of legalizing prostitution. Narratio

When we take a look into the history of not only our country, but countries all over the world, we see a common pattern. When the majority of the population is against something, it is made illegal. However, we know that this doesn’t take the problem away, but instead drives it underground. One of the greatest examples of this is Prohibition (Maginn 2). From 1920 to the early 1930’s, America decided to make the selling and purchasing of alcoholic beverages illegal. This, in result, drove the entire business underground and crime rates all over America shot up. When alcohol was made legal again, it entirely took away the black market for it (Kerr). Today, although alcohol is still consumed regularly, it is no longer surrounded by crime. We can also take a look at strip clubs, which society looked down on not only in the past, but often still today. Although these strip clubs are often considered raunchy, today they are legal and regulated (Fernandez). Just because these things are legal in society, doesn’t necessarily imply approval (Coyne 2). Regulating these businesses simply allows them to operate safely and with guidelines. I would like know why this pattern isn’t recognized and used in America today when it comes to the issue of prostitution. Propositio

Prostitution is without a doubt a very controversial issue all around the world today. I think that if prostitution was legalized in America, as a county, we would benefit in more ways than one. America needs to legalize prostitution so that sex workers can be provided with regulatory protections (Coyne 2). As with any other job in America, sex workers should be allowed their rights and regulations that keep them protected while they are at work. Just because some people don’t agree with their line of work, doesn’t mean that their safety and well-being should be jeopardized every day when they go to work (Coyne 2). Partitio

It is important that as a society we see the benefits that legalizing prostitution would have on the country as a whole. Abolitionists’ idea is that by criminalizing all aspects of the sex industry, it will be eliminated altogether (Ahmad 2). There are multiple reasons why doing the opposite, legalizing prostitution, would be a much better choice in the long run. By forcing prostitution to be an underground industry, it will without a doubt be surrounded by criminal activity (Talnar 3). Providing sex workers with a professional work place of some sort would eliminate the demands for pimps completely. Adding this type of supervision would also take away the violence that is so often associated with prostitution (Ahmad 2). Requiring employees to be checked for all sexually transmitted diseases before obtaining a license would eliminate the risks of spreading unwanted diseases (Akhaven). If we took the time to understand these positive things that would come from legalizing such an industry, we would see that criminalizing prostitution is not...

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