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Prostitution Pg. 273 in Contexts

In today’s society, prostitution is often thought of as a degrading act on a female’s part. However many people argue that it is ones choice on what they want to do with their body, and that everyone has the right to choose the path that they would like to go in life. This article written by Ronald Weitzer, “Prositution: facts and opinions”, shows many facts and opinions about the prostitution business around the world.

The main topic that this reading is trying to focus on is if prostitution is necessarily a negative thing in our society. Many opinions of it are negative, however, there are surprisingly large populations of people that do not have a problem with it, and in fact support it. Many of the researchers in this article state that prostitution is “essential”. Ronald Weitzer also begins to question whether the nation should make the sexual trafficking of women legal. He begins to describe that “under the right conditions; legal prostitution can be organized in a way that increases workers health, safety, and job satisfaction”.

Although some researchers support the whole idea of having a prostitution business, other researchers stated their opinions on why it should be highly illegal. A study by Stephanie Church and some of her colleagues found that “ 27 percent of a sample of street prostitutes had been assaulted, 37 percent robbed, and 22 percent raped”. If these facts are true, Church argued “why would anyone support street prostitution?”. However, Church also found that “ few call girls and sauna workers had experienced violence (only 1 percent had ever been beaten, 2 percent raped, and 10 percent robbed). When there is even the slight bit of evidence that denies all the negative stereotypical facts of prostitution (beating, robbery, rape, etc.) it is hard to try and defend the whole ‘business’.

Even though a lot of young women choose not to go into the business (being...
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