Prospective Employer Research Project: Mission Hospital

Topics: Balance sheet, Liability, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 5 (672 words) Published: December 2, 2008
Prospective Employer Research Project

Mission Hospital
509 Biltmore Avenue,
Asheville, NC 28801

Labor and Delivery
Director : Melinda Bryant
Location: Memorial campus, 4th floor

Years in Operation

1998 until now


Mission Hospital is a non-profit organization. It goes back 120 years ago. The hospital started out in a 5 room house in Asheville. “In 1947, it was decided that because of the lack of a major medical center, Mission hospital would be the ideal choice to begin the formation of a modern medical center in Western North Carolina because of the acceptance of all people, rich or poor(Wikipedia).”Mission started out as Memorial Mission Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital, the two merged together in 1998 and became Mission Hospital.

Major Competitors

$ Carolina Healthcare System
$ Haywood Regional
$ Presbyterian Healthcare


Endoscopy, Mission’s Lab Express, Long term acute care, Pastoral care, Pharmacy, Psychiatric Services, Rehabilitation, Research institute, Respiratory therapy, Senior services, and Urology.


$ Mission Health System, Inc.
$ Mission Hospital, Inc.
$ Mission Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
$ The McDowell Hospital, Inc.
$ McDowell Community Health Services, Inc.
$ McDowell MRI, LLC
$ Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, Inc
$ Blue Ridge Hospital Foundation, Inc.
$ Blue Ridge Home Care
$ ABCCM Doctors’ Medical Clinic,Inc.
$ Asheville MRI
$ Asheville imaging, LLP
$ MMH-COREnterprises, IV, LLC
$ MSJHS and CCP Joint Development Company, LLC
$ Toxaway Community Health Center, Inc.
$ TMH Realty, Inc.
$ Heartplace of the Carolinas, Inc.
$ Imaging Realty, LLC
$ ProCare, Inc.
$ Horizon Health Corp.

Financial Status

The years below are from September 2006 to September 2007. The amounts will be shown in thousands.

Summary of financial Data

The total revenues and gains as went up .317% during the year. The total expenses for the company as also grew by 6%. There expenses and losses has dropped over the year by 14%.

Income Statement September 2007 September 2006 Revenue 797,603 773,039 Salaries and wages 308,963 285,397 Employee Benefits 71,613 68,811 Supplies and Other Expenses 265,802 271,682 Depreciation & amortization 48,165 42,145 Interest 11,688 11,334 Uncollectible Accounts 58,535 42,109 Total Expenses 764,766 721,478 Operating Income 32,837 51,561 Investment Income 41,228 33,743 Nonoperating losses 2,350 2,580 Nonoperating Gains 38,878 36,323 Expenses and Loses 70,734 86,683 Net Assets 114,285 101,661

Balance Sheet September 2007 September 2006 Assets
Current Assets
Cash 80,066 52,388 Assets Limited 14,913 10,062 Accounts Receivable...

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