Prospect of Telecommunication in Bangladesh

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1. Origin of the Internship Report
Our honorable course Teacher of Internship, Southeast University has allowed me to do an internship under his supervision. He has assigned me the proposal titled “Prospect of Telecommunication in Bangladesh” as the fulfillment of the Internship Program.

2. Scope of the Report
This was not a wide-range report; instead it was a focused one. The analysis / findings are descriptive instead of mathematical.

2.1 Rational of the Study
I am the student of internship under course of MBA in the Southeast University. To fulfillment of the Internship Program I am assigned for submitting a report on “Prospect of Telecommunication in Bangladesh”.

2.2 Objectives of the Study
The primary objectives of this report are as follows:
• To know present Telecommunication infrastructure in Bangladesh • Analysis of prospect of telecommunication in Bangladesh.

2.3 Data Collection:
This was the critical part of the whole research process. For this purpose I had to carefully plan the whole data collection process and the success of the whole report depended on the precise execution of that detailed plan. I had decided to collect data from the people near customer care centers and universities to gather more data in a short time and started my field works accordingly. Fortunately, through long hard working hours, I was able to collect data from 50 samples. Once the data were collected, the raw data were edited, sorted and tabulated through MS Excel and SPSS in order to conduct further statistical analysis. 2.4 Types of data:

Primarily, the following two types of data were utilized in this research: - a. Primary Data: Data collected directly from the respondents (in this case the mobile phone users or customers) through a detailed questionnaire and from key officials and telecom experts from various cell-phone operators through interviews. b. Secondary Data: Data collected from several telecom journals and weeklies, such as ICT Today, the Weekly 2000, the Monthly Mobile, the Daily New Age and data from the Internet.


This report could have been much more worthwhile had there not been some limitations. The following are the limitations of the study:

1. The lack of accurate secondary data.

2. Time constraints on the part of the concern person in providing us with information.

3. Extensive analysis of all the concepts and perspectives could not be possible due to the vastness and diversification of the topic.

4. In most cases, adequate, exact and updated facts and figures were not available.

5. The study was conducted on the basis of lot of assumptions. Hence, there might be some deviations from the actual scenario. 6. The time-consuming survey.
7. Unwillingness of the respondents to provide accurate data. CHAPTER – B


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