Pros vs Poetry

Topics: Rhyme, Poetry, Stanza Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: June 9, 2010


Prose version:

A woman stands on a mountain top with the cold seeping into her body. She looks on the valley below as the wind whips around her. She cannot leave to go to the peaceful beauty below. In the valley, the sun shines from behind the clouds causing flowers to bloom. A breeze sends quivers through the leaves of trees. The water gurgles in a brook. All the woman can do is cry.

Poetry version

The Woman on the Peak

The woman stands upon the barren peak,
Gazing down on the world beneath.
The lonely chill seeps from the ground
Into her feet, spreading, upward bound.
The angry wind whistles ‘round her head,
Whipping her hair into streaming snakes,
While she watches, wishes, weakly wails.

Beyond the mountain, sunshine peeks,
Teasing flowers to survive and thrive.
The breeze whispers through the leaves,
Causing gentle quivers to sway the trees.
Laughter gurgles as the splashing brook
Playfully tumbles over rugged rocks,
While the woman above can only grieve.
Some of the differences that I have noticed between the two examples is that the Pros is written in a more like paragraph form where as poetry contains stanzas. Also the Pros doesn’t really have a rhyming scheme whereas the Poetry example has certain rhymes in it, for example “The woman stands upon the barren peak, Gazing down on the world beneath.” – (Poetry, Example 1) I also noticed a similarity amongst the examples. I noticed that they describe the same story. The only difference is that the poetry describes it in greater affect, using rhymes and greater literature to describe pieces of a greater event that’s taken place. On the other hand the Pros is pretty straight forward in explaining the events that are taken place by not going into major detail. However the Poetry is more confusing to...
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