Pros and Cons Windowphone7 V Android

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Windows 8 has 25,075 apps.
Google Andriod apps has 700,000 apps.
Apple iOS has 475,000 apps.

Windows 8 vs iOS vs Android
The mobile phone and tablet market has become more competitive in 2013. The Google Android ecosystem now rivals Apple iOS. Software quality is increasing for both the Android operating and the independent applications being produced, especially for games. Intel is a natural ally in Windows 8 adoption. Their profit has been falling due to tablet competition, and it is clear that Intel needs to get into mobile and tablet markets with their chips. Increasingly, the future looks like a mushy mix between tablet and laptops - and Intel can't afford to not compete in mobile at this point Android

Pros: Android is miles ahead of other OSes when it comes to multitasking ability. It’s a true blue multitasker’s delight. The notification system on Android is also the best of the lot. This comprises emails, updates from social networking sites and even various widgets. Applications or Apps, as they are better known, are vital to the success of an OS. The Android market for Apps is growing at a faster rate than even Apple’s, which has been the king so far in Apps section. Also no other OS has better social networking integration than Android, not to mention the freedom it gives the user in choosing suitable hardware. Cons: The OS certainly isn’t the best optimized one around and it shows in the poor battery performance. So even though the batteries are getting larger, running time is not. Not everybody is comfortable with being asked to stick to Google when using their phone which is exactly what Android does. A user needs a Google account to use. Android is not even a decade old and we already have close to half a dozen versions of it, too much fragmentation one has to say. Desktop syncing is virtually absent here and the less said about carrier skins, the better. iOS

Pros: iOS is hard to beat when it comes to media playing abilities, it is...
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