Pros and Cons of the New Deal

Topics: Wall Street Crash of 1929, Great Depression, United States Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: May 18, 2010
New deal essay on F .D. Roosevelt

The great depression started around about the 1930’s when the stock market crashed this happened because the government decided not to get involved with the peoples businesses. The businesses were owned personally or with a group of people and the government had no say in it at all so the people of the United States of America could do what they wanted with their money and investments. The main reason for the stock market crash was that there was a big difference between rich and poor during the 1930’s. President hover was the president.

The new deal had its pros and cons. The pros are as follows. Were that it lifted the financial Burdon for many people. The government also provided many jobs for people this started the ball rolling for getting people out of the hovervilles the hovervilles were shanty towns that were built and named after president hover because they thought that hover would help them. The new deal also improved the investructure in America with rail roads and schools. The government also worked on improving the living standards in America. They tried to build low cost housing so that people could move out of the hovervilles and in to the low cost housing. By doing this would also improve the economy of the country which will also bring the country out of the depression.

The cons for the new deal are as follows by the government getting involved in the businesses it gave the government to much power and this caused a dictatorship with in the government. Some think this was causing the country to fall in to communism and losing its capitalism themes because the government was getting involved in the companies just like a communist countries government would do.

The new deal did sort of turn America in to a communist country but it was what was needed to be done. Without the government getting involved in the companies the country would have gone further in to the depression because it was the...
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