Pros and Cons of the Internet

Topics: Arabic language, Learning, History of the Internet Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: May 2, 2009
The information revolution, it is informed, as you touch every day .. The blessing of knowledge. Including the Internet, and no discussion, in which the world civilization and the world in short a small fund. That several teachers in one teacher.

And other functions in one device.

The old (illiterate) is not known to read and write.
Today .. Is illiterate who does not know how to deal with the computer. Information yesterday .. Impossible and expensive, limited and can not be far Stadtha collection at the same time and one place .. Today is cheap and abundantly available and a range in time and space do not require more than a click.

World today (windows) overlooking some of the other.

Learning through computer (PC) to achieve the following educational goals:

1 - develop the habit of positive thinking, creative and patterns and different ways. 2 - to deepen the concept of partnership and networking with others. 3 - help to accept the contentious issues.

4 - help to learn through trial and error and the potential and the unknown. 5 - provides an opportunity to learn (b Alrmaziat) and (Mahsusat) as well. 6 - create a learner to work and practice, and even (exploratory learning) (()). 7 - the user makes investments that spare time will be better, although he wanted badly, as well as break the dull monotony of educational programs. 8 - help in the revitalization of the skills of the user.

9 - to achieve a fair amount of entertainment and recreation. 10 - You can have access to sources of knowledge, and how employed. 11 - Ikspk flexibility and speed of thought and movement, and thus help you to achieve it yourself. 12 - to answer your questions, and opens the way for you to ask questions. The study found that the student who works on the computer at home, at the highest level of cultural student who does not have a computer, although the time spent on the computer in the home more valuable than time spent with the same student in...
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