Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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Social Networking

Social networking consists of various different sites and is used throughout the world by many people. Social networking can be considered a good thing by several but those are the ones who aren’t aware of the overcoming negative sides. The negatives of social networking can cause data mining, the harming of people establishing their identities, and the invasion of privacy of citizens. Social networking’s negatives outweigh the negatives.

People may not think and say that social networking is a positive, but in reality it is more negative because it hurts people who establish their identities. This means that people can be accused of something by what they saw on a social networking site. Gary Craig wrote the article Facebook, MySpace Social Media Musings Used in Court Cases, in this article it says, “But making sure that the posts belong to the person in question is crucial, “ and “Lawyer Black said she’s not surprised that social media are now a breeding ground for the kinds of information helpful-or detrimental- in court cases.” (Craig) This shows that social networking affects people negatively because some people might be accused falsely. Also it could be another person who made the posts and it isn’t the person from the profile and if they can’t prove it the case might result in a negative way. With this said, hurting people who establish their identity is a negative result of social networking. For those who say that social networking is positive, disagree and say that social networking actually helps people establish their identities. They are incorrect because the evidence shows that people wanting to establish their identities can be blamed and it will hurt them with establishing their identities. For this reason social networking is more negative than positive.

While the public can say that social networking more positive than negative, it is indeed more negative because everything online is data mined while invading...
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