Pros and Cons of Parliamentary and Presidential

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Pros and Cons of Parliamentary and Presidential

System in a New Country


            In order to be recognised as a new and independent country, such nation must be able to determine what system of government should be used.  If the new country will choose the democratic form of government, there are two systems to be chosen. These include parliamentary and the presidential system.  The main goal of this paper is to determine the pros and cons of parliamentary and presidential system in a new country.


Parliamentary and Presidential System

Parliamentary democracy and presidential democracy are alike in many ways when comparisons are drawn from two similarly strong western liberal democratic systems. They both enjoy the same fundamental principles of liberal democracy, with those living under this system enjoying the same rights and freedoms with comparable economic conditions. The real difference between these two systems lies in the division of power ().  Parliamentarism has been defined as having the parliament as the only democratically legitimate institution is parliament, whereby the government’s authority is completely dependent upon parliamentary confidence. (). While  argues that there are three conditions necessary to declare a system parliamentary: All major government decisions must be taken by people chosen in elections conducted along party lines. Policy must be decided within governing party (parties if coalition). The highest officials (ministers) must be selected within their parties and be responsible to the people through their parties. On the other hand, in presidential systems according to , an executive with considerable constitutional powers - generally including full control of the composition of the cabinet and administration - is directly for a fixed term. The president is also the symbolic Head of State.


Pros and Cons of Parliamentary

            The parliamentary type of democratic...
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