Pros and Cons of Nationalism

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Expository Essay

Expository Essay
Andrea Carlson-Beilfuss
Rasmussen College

This paper is being submitted on October 14th 2010 for Laura Fletcher’s G124 class for Rasmussen College by Andrea Carlson-Beilfuss

Expository Essay

Pros and Cons of Nationalism
There are a lot of pros and cons about nationalism. Some of the pros are; it can cause security in the fact that knowing that you’re united in your country and that can make you feel better. Another pro is that it can combine a lot of different people to make our nation come together as one. It is also is a pro that it can make people feel like they belong to something. A sense of being a part of something bigger than you would make anyone feel better about them. It can also unite a group of people, enabling them to make political, economic and social progress.

Some of the cons of nationalism are; the nation begins to become belligerent about them. Another con is, as illustrated by Hitler's Germany, nationalism almost always ends with one group of people being vilified. Another con is that it can cause wars and discrimination towards members of different national groups. It also makes people begin to think they are better than everyone else and that could lead to wars. It can also make people believe that no one in any other country can come close to the things we have and that would create more problems. All in all I think that nationalism is a good thing, as long as we don’t overdo things to an extreme.
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