Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Nokia Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Mobile phones have become a hot commodity and have turned into a social norm. The introduction of smart phones has affected the way in which mobile phones are used and by whom. Due to mobile media, we are now able to communicate for free, watch movies on our phones, listen to music on the go and be currently updated with the latest news – all this information at the edge of our fingertips. However, this advancement in social media and technology has affected our values and culture, some good and some bad. Researchers and scientists have coined the term Mobilology, which is the study of mobile phones and how they affect human behavior, culture, education and economics. Mobile phones have altered social norms and values, and cultural progression. They have made communication easy by enabling us decreased face to face interaction and meetings. Communication has become more impersonal, which contradicts the very use of communication (Rani, 2008). Children that grow up surrounded by mobile phones will eventually get used to impersonal communication and in the future, might find it hard to deal with simple day to day interaction (Rani). Rani also stated how the Short Messaging Service has redefined communication in a sense that what constitutes for communication these days is a few words typed and sent to one or many recipients without emotion and verbal cues. Aside from making interactions between people less personal, SMS has also affected the written form of English language in which children now use. Mobile phones have also led to the birth of a generation that prefer being alone, glued to their phones and being extremely introverted (Rani, 2008). In our society currently, phones have become such a common device that most people feel exposed and isolated, feeling as if we are no longer able to communicate (Rogers, 2008). The art of conversation has become mobile, making mobile phones the lifeline to the outside world. Waiting and pesky overseas charges no...
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